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CM2315 temperature and humidity sensor
Technical parameter
Humidity range
Temperature range -40℃~+80℃
Humidity precision ±2%RH
Temperature precision 
Service voltage 3.3V to 5.5V
Output signal
Product size mm(L*W*H)
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I . Product Overview ;

CM2315 humidity - sensitive capacitance digital temperature and humidity sensor is a kind of temperature and humidity sensor with self - calibrated digital signal output . The special temperature and humidity acquisition technology is adopted to ensure that the product has extremely high reliability and excellent long - term stability . The sensor comprises a capacitive sensing element and a high - precision integrated temperature measuring element , and is connected with a high - performance microprocessor .

CM2315 communication mode adopts standard I2C communication mode . The I2C communication mode adopts standard communication sequence , and the user can hang directly on I2C communication bus without extra wiring and simple to use . The digital data transmitted is used for directly outputting digital information such as humidity , temperature and check CRC after temperature compensation , and the user can obtain accurate temperature and humidity information without secondary calculation of digital output . The product is 4 lead wire , and the connection is convenient . The special package form can be provided according to user requirements .

II . Scope of application ;

HVAC , dehumidifier , test and detection equipment , consumer goods , automotive , automatic control , data recorder , weather station , home appliance , humidity adjustment , medical treatment , and other related humidity detection controls .

III . Product Highlights ;

Full interchange , low cost , long - term stability , relative humidity and temperature measurement , ultra - long signal transmission distance , digital signal output , accurate calibration , very low power consumption , standard I2C bus digital interface .