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Temperature and humidity sensors can record changes in temperature and humidity for a long time, and can provide a reference basis for whether there are anomalies in the work of mechanical and electrical products, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, juicers, microwave ovens, etc. All need a safety gauge test (temperature rise detection is a part of the safety regulation, most electric appliances that are heated by electricity may be tested for safety regulations, that is, most of them have mechanical and electrical laboratories, In household appliances, refrigerators and air conditioners are essential appliances that use temperature and humidity sensors, not only to display the current ambient temperature in real time. We can also record the changes of temperature and humidity in the environment for a long time. We can adjust the temperature according to the storage conditions of the food in the refrigerator. Adjust the temperature of the air conditioning output according to the room temperature and what kind of comfortable environment.

Intelligent dehumidification scheme

The process of air conditioner refrigeration must be accompanied by dehumidification. The temperature of moist air will drop greatly through the evaporator of the air conditioner. The air humidity is in a state of supersaturation, and the excess water vapor is precipitated in the form of condensed water, and condensed and evaporated on the fin of the evaporator. That is, "condensation", when the refrigeration mode reaches a certain equilibrium state, the air humidity also drops to a certain level. When the air conditioner is working in the wet pumping mode, the indoor fan keeps running, and the compressor starts and stops. The refrigeration system is used as an intermittent refrigeration cycle. Most of the refrigerating capacity generated is used to balance the latent heat of indoor air. That is, water vapor becomes condensed water. These condensate water will flow to the water tray through the outlet pipe and be discharged outdoors. That is, the working principle of the air conditioner can dehumidify

Intelligent mode

Air conditioning automatically combines with human comfort according to environment, intelligent control start and stop dehumidification

Ultra-low power consumption

The main thing about intelligent dehumidification is that by using independent control of temperature and humidity, it can avoid the waste caused by excessive moisture pumping and heat and cold cancellation of energy.

Intelligent moisture control

Using the Auson temperature and humidity sensor to carry on the intelligent operation mode, the air conditioning automatically enters the dehumidification mode according to the need, the indoor heat exchanger realizes the dehumidification cooling, makes the indoor always keep dry and comfortable.

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