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After-Sales Service
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After-sale service

Service hotline: 400-630-6378

(Beijing time: Monday to Saturday, 09:00 to 06:00, except official holidays)

After-sale security

1. Provide 400 national free phone and other service channels, track the whole service, realize 360 degree seamless service system.
2. When customer service can not solve customer problem, must give customer a clear reply in 10 minutes, agree on the way to solve the problem, time, provide comprehensive technical support.
3. Cloud server is free to store user data, 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, providing the best quality cloud services.
4. In addition to providing free software, after-sale regular monthly active return maintenance services to ensure the stable operation of customer systems, 100% of the customer satisfaction.
5. Products complimentary software routines, monitoring software, long-range after-sale, telephone guidance and other services.