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Application of Wet temperature Recorder in Food Storage and Transportation

Release Time:2018-03-31 Reading Volume:0

As the time of food storage and transportation is not a short-term problem, the relative equilibrium humidity in food preservation is an important index to ensure food safety, and relative equilibrium humidity directly affects the growth of colony.

For example, in the range of equilibrium relative humidity from 95%RH to 91%RH, the bacteria that are easy to breed are Salmonella, Bollinella, lactic acid bacteria, mold and yeast, and the food preservation period is also related to temperature and equilibrium relative humidity. When the equilibrium relative humidity is 81%RH, the shelf life of cake is 14 days at 27 ℃ and 24 days at 21 ℃. If the equilibrium relative humidity is increased to 85 RH, these indexes will be reduced to 27 ℃ for 8 days and 21 ℃ for 12 days. The equilibrium relative humidity plays a decisive role. In the event of an exchange, A value of humidity obtained from the ambient air.

This definition is clear. In order to successfully store and maintain these products, environmental climate control and packaging must be carefully specified. At the same time, many foods that are preserved in too dry a situation will have a somewhat worse taste. Require real-time recording of temperature and humidity changes to ensure food safety into the consumer mouth.

How to prove that the goods are always in the specified temperature and humidity condition is very important when they are transported or shipped over long distances. The solution is to put a recorder in the cargo compartment at the time of shipment. And start it up. The temperature and humidity recorder has a precise internal clock that faithfully records the temperature and humidity data at specified time intervals. When it is taken out, it is easy to use the computer to view the graphic files and alarm values, and to judge whether the values are in excess of the allowable values. The timing and duration are readily available, and whether the carrier is responsible or not will be immediately known.

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