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Importance of temperature and humidity Recorder in Medical and Health Field

Release Time:2018-01-29 Reading Volume:34

This Code is in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction on the issuance of the notice on the drafting and revision of the 2011 Engineering Construction Standards and regulations (Construction Standard 201117), The Chinese Academy of Architectural Sciences, together with the relevant units, requested that the temperature and humidity of the operating room should be controlled within a certain range in the original national standard hospital, the draft of the building technical code for the clean operation department of the hospital: that is, the temperature is 22. 25 ℃; Relative humidity 45%RH... Appropriate ambient temperature and humidity are very important to both operators and patients. When the room temperature is above 28 ℃ and the humidity is greater than 70%RH, they are prone to sultry, sweating, irritation, fatigue and so on. Easy to affect the stable mood and agile thinking, so that the technical level of the operator can not be played very well. At the same time, patients will also appear heart rate, sweating and other symptoms to increase the difficulty of surgery;

When room temperature is below 20 degrees, the operator who only wears a surgical suit will feel cold, which can easily affect the sensitivity and accuracy of the operation, especially the subtle movement of the finger. The naked patient is at a low level of resistance due to trauma. Complications such as colds are more likely to occur. Indoor humidity is low, and dust on the surface of objects suspends in the air with changes in airflow caused by certain movements, such as laying orders, opening and closing doors, etc. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the operation room is large, and the air in some areas after opening the door forms a cochlear flow. The wind speed increases to about 4 times of the original wind speed in the operation room, and the object surface attachment floats rapidly in the air. According to the survey of CDC in the United States, the number of plankton bacteria in the air of the operating room is at risk of being infected by air when the number of bacteria in the air of the operating room is 700-800cfu/m3.

From the results, we can see that the air pollution is the most serious two hours after the operation. This is the stage of the operation. Due to the effect of gravity, the indoor dust can be directly deposited on the surgical wound, or on the operator's hand or surgical instrument. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the control of air pollution in this period in order to prevent postoperative incision infection. These require the health and epidemic prevention departments to confirm the standard of the operating rooms of the hospitals through their own monitoring. The temperature and humidity recorder is a good method. The waste of personnel is reduced and the fairness of law enforcement is guaranteed.

Therefore, Guangzhou Aosong Electronics, in the process of developing and manufacturing temperature and humidity recorder, strictly in accordance with the national standard production, power for China's medical contribution!